Movie of the Week: Zootopia


So just the other day I went with my best friend Sarah to see Zootopia. I was excited about it because it was a Disney movie, yet at the same time I wasn’t sure what to expect. With the newer Disney movies, sometimes they are good and other times not so much. Anywho (Sara you can make fun of me for that later), I found the movie to be really gr9!(Another reference to and inside joke..just roll with it lol) I found myself laughing the whole time and the story, in true Disney fashion, had a great message about never giving up on your dreams. However, my favorite part of the movie was the references make to both Disney movies and outside pop culture. Here are just a few:

Disney Reference: BH6, Tangled, and Wreck-it Ralph
reference to Randy’s Donuts in Inglewood 
This guy’s name is Duke Weaselton (He is even voiced by the same guy) 
Big Hero 6 reference 


Godfather reference 
My personal favorite: Woolter and Jesse in reference to Breaking Bad! 

I think that if you have the chance you should go see this movie. It is definitely in my top favorites for Disney movies (although that list is a little long lol). If you have seen it, comment below your thoughts or any other references that I may have missed:) Have a magical day!



One Reply to “Movie of the Week: Zootopia”

  1. This movie was phenomenal! I can’t wait to see t again. The Breaking Bad reference was my favorite. At first I thought “Heyyy, is that…?” Then when I heard a character say “Woolter and Jesse are here with the pizza.” I lost it!! Great film all around, and awesome review!

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