In an effort to brighten your Monday…

Hey Disney people! I was going to do some random post about Mickey Mouse today, but I thought of something better! To play on the title of the post today, my post is about something fabulous: Disneyland Lights. Both the lights themselves and the Instagram account.

So first off the lights themselves. Something that I love about Disneyland is their attention to detail. Sure they have elaborate rides and attraction, but the little things such as lighting through out the parks are all unique and special. Here are a few that I have taken photos of:

Now more importantly, I would never have thought of looking at these beautiful lights if it wasn’t for Dislights. Dislights is an amazing instagram account run my an amazing person named Angela. Not only does she spread the word about the various light fixtures around Disneyland, but she spreads her kindness throughout the Disney instagram community. She is a friend to all and although I still haven’t met her in person, she is a friend to me. I encourage everyone who reads this to go and follow her account because she and the account are magical! Here are a few of her photos from her account:

Hope this post has BRIGHTENED your monday! lol




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