Movie of the Week: Big Hero 6


This week’s movie of the week is Big Hero 6! This movie has to be in my top 5 Disney movies and since my friend Calen said it was his favorite Disney movie, we decided to get together and watch it.

Even though I have seen this movie multiple times (including that one time with my friends Tiana and Celina on my 17th birthday), I enjoyed it just as much watching it again! There is something about the characters that grab your attention and pull you in. Me, like probably everyone else who has seen this movie, I loved Baymax from the first time I saw him! How could you not love a giant marshmallow looking robot?!?!?

Now one of my favorite things to look for in Disney movies are the easter eggs. I think it is so cool that Disney includes references to other Disney movies and or other pop culture. Here are a few that I found:

Wanted: Hans 
Hans getting what he deserves lol 
Theres a cybug on the shelf 

Now I know for a fact that there are others hidden throughout the movie, so if you are reading this then comment below any that I missed c: Have a magical Tuesday!!





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