Life Update

The last couple month’s this blog and my instagram account have fallen to the end of my priority list. I love doing it but, I have been so busy and have so many other things on my mind to take the time to care about the blog and the instagram account. It has made me realize that there are more things in my life than just Disney and Disneyland, so I want to share all aspects of my life with you guys. And it starts here right now. I know that this blog up to this point has just been for Disney, but I am transitioning it over to everything. I am still a dis geek and this is a look inside my mind!

So, new introductions are in order! Hi, My name is Kim! Its nice to meet you. Disney has always been something that was important in my life, and it continues to be so. I have so many other interests and passions in my life besides Disney.

Six months ago, I started college at California Baptist University. Since that point I have made so many new friends, met my amazing boyfriend, and have grown so much in my love for Christ. So, that’s another important aspect of my life, is my realtionship with God. This too will be integrated into this account as well.

Here at college, I am a graphic design major. Yet another one of my loves in life. That part of me too, will be integrated in. The list goes on and on of things I am interested in and love. And this is my place to share it all with you. I am so beyond excited to welcome you guys inside my mind and I hope that you continue to follow the blog and be just as excited about my life as I am. And if not, then it doesn’t matter what you think because this is my life and I am going to live it doing what I love.

-Love, Kim ❤


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