Daily Update 3/18/17

Hello everyone!

So I am starting up a daily life update from the mind of me! So yeah! Anywho….

Today has been pretty uneventful. Since it is the beginning of spring break, both my roommates aren’t here. They both left yesterday, so I have had the apartment to myself. I only left the room once, to get lunch with my boyfriend, Brett. Besides that I have been lying in bed watching Dexter (my current Netflix addiction) and Youtube. I thought about maybe getting caught up on some of my classwork, but instead, I decided to just relax.

I get to go home tomorrow! I am kind of excited because it will be good to see everyone, but I know that after a few days with my family, I will be ready to come back to CBU.

That’s really it for today so yeah! I hope that you guys (whoever you are) enjoy reading my daily updates! I will be updating the site with other cool things such as Disneyland history updates, recipes, and other rants of the mind of Kim.

Love, Kim

PS. The featured image for this post is a picture I took about a month ago while wandering the campus with my fried Courtney. Photography=another part of the life of Kim


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