Daily Update 3/19/17

Hello everybody!

I made it home! It has finally sunk in that it is Spring Break! Although my break will be uneventful, it will still be a good time to relax and not think about school work for awhile!

So my day started out as it normally would: get up, get ready, make my to do list (something that helps to keep my mind organized throughout my day). Then Brett and I loaded up and headed home!

When I got home, I found that not much had changed. My brother, Jeffrey is still his unique self, the house was exactly the way it was left when I started break, and the rest of my family (my mom, and grandparents) were treating me as if I had never left.

Some habits, as I found out, also did not change. As soon as I was settled back in (on the couch I might add because I currently live there since my grandparents moved into my room back in October) we went to lunch at one of grandparent’s favorite places: The International House of Pancakes! That also hadn’t changed since the last time I was there lol: The same old semi okay tasting food.

The rest of my day included working on my family’s various electronic devices since they don’t do very well with technology, and once more, watching unhealthy amounts of Dexter. (Currently on season 7 episode 2!)

Sure my life may not seem that exciting from the last couple of days of blogs, but I hope you enjoy the quick daily updates as it gives you a glimpse into my life, into the everyday life and mind of a disgeek when she isn’t at Disney and thinking about Disney or the parks.

Speaking of the parks, I was going to start up today my series of blog posts on Disneyland history, but I ran out of time to do things, and it didnt’t happen. I was going to start with Pirates of the Caribbean considering yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the beloved attraction. I will attempt to maybe get that up sometime tomorrow if I am lucky if not on Tuesday. Once I get into it though, they will hopefully come every other day. I also have some other cool Disney and non Disney stuff planned for the blog besides these boring updates on my life lol.

Anywho…hope you enjoyed learning about my day, and keep coming back because there is going to be a lot more fun stuff coming up! Have a good night everyone!

Love, Kim ❤


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