Daily Update 3/20/17

Hey guys! Today was at least a little more exciting than yesterday, but not by much. My life is actually very predictable when it comes to what I do in my downtime. But anywho…thats another tangent.

I woke up this morning actually by accident. I rolled over on the couch, and I hit my arm hard on the side table that was next to me. I think it may bruise and it really hurt lol. I woke up got ready, and then I actually left the house! My friend Sara invited me to get coffee at Starbucks and catch up where I had iced caramel macchiatto one of the day.

After returning home, it was once again Dexter for a couple hours. Then about and hour before I went back out (yes, I Kim, left the house more than once. Shocker!!), I got a text from my boyfriend informing me that he wants to stay at home for a couple extra days to finish some things up, and since he is my ride back to campus, it means I am on the couch for an extra couple of days! yay she says sarcastically! (I guess I cannot complain that much because at least Brett is still coming tomorrow so we can still celebrate our 6 month anniversary).

So…I go to the magical store known at Target with my mom to pick up a couple things, to Selma’s (one of my favorite pizza/pasta places) to pick up dinner, then back home. I eat quickly because I went out once again to, you guessed it: Starbucks for the second caramel macchiatto of the day with my best friends Sarah and Branden.

I always love coming home because that means I get to spend time with Sarah aka my clone/best friend/ long lost sister/ disgeek and her boyfriend and my other best friend, Branden. We always have stuff to talk about and they both relate to me very well. Sarah and I, being the same person, always are on the same wave length on everything, so it is really great knowing that whatever I talk with her about, that she will back me up 100% and support me no matter what.

One of our conversations tonight though really made me feel life hard. She mentioned that one of the girls we went to high school with got married a couple weeks ago and that a lot of people we know are getting engaged, married, having children, moving out, and it was freaking us out knowing that we are at an age where things like that will happen. The both of us will both be turning 20 this year…we aren’t little kids anymore. We are in college, getting jobs, are in somewhat serious relationships, and it is mind blowing that we are actually adults.

Mind tangent from that rant: I actually didn’t just watch Dexter today, but I also applied for 2 jobs! I applied for Target and Starbucks for this summer. Pray for me that I actually will get a job this summer! Now…back to your regularly scheduled daily update.

Since I got home, I’ve been helping my mom do somethings with her computer, and now I am sitting on the couch/ my bed until Saturday watching Dexter and typing this update.

So I know that I had mentioned yesterday that I would have my park history series starting up today or tomorrow, but due to the fact that I left all my park history books at home and I want to do these posts the right way, the posts will have to wait until I can get my books on Wednesday. I will do a different series that I will start tomorrow about my faith. I am really excited about doing it because my faith has become a very important part of me the last couple months. So stay tuned for that and be patient because the Disney stuff will be coming soon.

Have a good night everyone! Will talk to you tomorrow

Love, Kim ❤


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