Daily Update 3/21/17

Hello everyone! Today has been a good day…correction…an amazing day! It was long and I was tired but it was still amazing for several reasons.

So my day started out waking up early because my mom wanted me to go with her to do errands and to go shopping for clothes for me. I was not really in the mood for it because I didn’t sleep well the night before (Fold out couch beds are not comfortable and they squeak) We went but I didn’t last long and by 1pm we we were back home and I was able to take a nap.

I was awoken from my nap at around 2 with a phone call from my boyfriend, Brett, saying that he was on his way to my house. Today was our 6 month anniversary! We had plans for the evening and I excitedly got ready for that following hanging up the phone.

About 10 minutes before Brett arrived, I received another phone call. You guys remember how I was saying that I filled out some job applications yesterday? Well guess what?!? I was called by Starbucks for an interview tomorrow!!! So once again pray for me that things go smoothly with that and that I am able to show them that I will be good for the position.

Brett and I went to Islands for dinner. I had been craving their Hawaiian burger for a while now so that was a nice treat. Afterwards, we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. I am sure that you guys are eager to hear my opinions on it, considering everything that has been in the media about it. And you will be hearing about that, but it will be my breakdown of it in a separate blog post that I will be writing tomorrow because I am exhausted right now.

I want to be well rested for my interview tomorrow, so this is where I leave you. Updates to the blog are soon to  come and updates tomorrow on the interview and the rest of my day will also come tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim


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