Beauty and The Beast Review

So like I promised, I am going to review Beauty and The Beast!!

The other night, I went with my boyfriend, Brett, to see Beauty and the Beast for our 6 month anniversay. Going into it, I was excited, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be like since I had heard so many mixed reactions towards it.

My overall opinion of it was that I really enjoyed it. If you put all the little critical things aside it was a pretty good movie. My only thing is that if they had taken more time instead of rushing a release they could have done a better job with it.

I felt at time that Disney could have done a better job with the effects. There were a lot of times when I could tell that the actors and actresses were behind a green screen in a studio. Most of the time this wouldn’t bug me, but the one scene where Belle runs to the top of the hill during her opening number was really hard to watch without seeing that she wasn’t actually outside. I felt this took away from the magic of the movie.

Additionally, there were several camera angles that made me uncomfortable and a little dizzy. Spinning the camera at the rate that they did with not having the camera in focus, hurt my eyes.

Despite the few cinematography errors, the movie itself was true to the original story. Emma Watson was really good in the part and I was overall satisfied with the film. I could say differently about Brett who nitpicked every little small detail that wasn’t right in his mind lol. I think I may give it an 8/10.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed my review. I know its not that much in depth, but it is the movie from the mind of me with my opinions.

-Love, Kim


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