Life Update

Yes I have been away for awhile. And yes I have good reason. Sometimes life doesn’t go your way and being only human we can’t do anything about it. We have to accept what God throws our way and try our best to get through it. I have had a lot going on with me and it all got worse after my last blog update. So Wednesday went great which was good. I got called for not just one but 2 job interviews. Both of which are happening this Thursday so pray that they go well. Thursday however is when things began to go downhill. I am not going to go into my business completely because it really doesn’t matter. However the gist of it is that people were saying somethings behind me and my boyfriend’s back and it got both of us really worked up and I ended up having a full blown panic attack at 2:30 in the morning. On top of that, due to that, our relationship was tested, and we came within a thread of breaking up. However, once I stepped back and took a breath and accepted that I cannot do anything about the situation, things began to look up. Brett and I fixed things between us and we are now better than ever. I do have 2 job interviews lined up for this week and one of them is one that I didn’t ever apply for but was emailed about by the lady herself saying she wanted me for the position. I could actually get something in my field of graphic design and I really want this. I have a goal now of working towards a car and that is giving me the motivation to get into the job field and begin to earn my way in this world. Also something very exciting…I reached out to my friends at the podcast Guardians of the Disnerd Galaxy and it appears like I am going to be able to design them a logo for their show! Exciting stuff. So yeah. That’s my life right now. Life is life and while I would love to have all the time in the world to make this blog amazing with really cool stuff, I am not capable of doing so at this time. I only have 4 weeks left until I am out for the summer and the list of things I have to get done before that point is getting longer and longer. So yeah hopefully after that point I can get some more exciting stuff up on here besides my boring average life. Also by the way. Vlogging= not for me. I may try again this summer but the chances of that are slim. So yeah. Have a good night everyone!

Love, Kim ❤


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