Daily Update 5/9/17

Hey everyone! So today  I didn’t do a whole lot, but at the same time a lot! I was able to pretty much just get the blog exactly how I want it to look and as of right now I can officially say: Welcome to the new Insidethemind! In case you didn’t notice, I have accompanied the change with a brand new logo. Of course the old logo was good too, and it still represents me as well, but I felt change would be a good thing so yeah!

So my day. I woke up late (noon late) and then I walked up to the lake starbucks and got the blog in order. I also got some things together for my instagram account so I can start that back up later this week.

I then went home and did some chore before returning to dance for the first time in almost 9 months. It was weird to be back because it felt as if I never left. However, once I started dancing, I felt the time away. My knees are killing me now and I am very sore everywhere.

Now I am winding down and going to bed soon because I have a job interview at Oakley tomorrow! I am so excited because I would love to work there. I really hope it goes well and I am asking that you pray that it does!

Anywho good night everyone!

Love, Kim ❤


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