Daily Update 5/15/17

Hello world,

So today was productive I guess. I ran a lot of errands with my mom and also cleaned out some boxes out of our garage. I am not really in the mood to really write a fully detailed post about it tonight, but I will leave you with this….go and look at my last post and it will describe the struggle I have had with managing my time.

I am writing this post right after finishing that and I am motivated to fit in the different things i love to do into my every day. I am determined to get back to relation with Christ first, but then also being a lot more organized when it comes to managing my time so I can fully put the proper time into this blog, my instagram account, and my other more creative endeavors. I love so many things, and I need to realize that they aren’t just tasks that need to be crossed off a list, but things I enjoy doing. Although I am going to get organized with these things, I am also going to take the time to fully emerse myself into the things I love and enjoy them in the moment while doing them. That is all. Thanks for bearing with me during my second rant of the night. I guess I just needed to get somethings off my chest. Now I feel better. Okay well goodnight everyone. Sleep well and have a great week!

Oh also! continue to pray for my friends and boyfriend that they stay safe overseas on their International Service Project trips!

Love, Kim ❤


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