Trying to Juggle Everything

So as you could tell, I didn’t post yesterday. Life always seems to get in the way of me doing the things I love to do. It is really something that I have been struggling with lately. All I have wanted to do is to be able to do all the things I love to do, but there are just so many interests I have, that is almost impossible. And it is only going to get worse once I start working next week. If it seems like I don’t have enough time now, how am I ever going to have time later. Of course some of this is my own doing because I definitely a procrastinator by nature, but even when I want to do things, other things such as doing errands or other various things for my family prohibit me from doing what I wish to get done. I know that in my life, this blog is a priority, my instagram is important, and of course a job is a must. But there’s the other things like working on my artistic abilities such as caligraphy, watercoloring, photography, writing, and even learning to play the guitar. Another thing that I have been really wanting to do is spending time with Christ. This is really something that I have put on the back burner, but it is really something that should be at the front of my priority list and I haven’t. Life is really a challenge, and while I knew that before, it wasn’t until I really saw that I have no time to do everything that I love to do, that I realized that life is about making choices. As much as that is frustrating to me, its the hard reality. Sure I am going to try and push myself to do everything I can, and maybe just a better organization and planning system will help that, but I need to also turn to God and have him help me through my life and determine what needs to be a priority in my life and what I am going to accept is just not feasible at the time. I will be working on this the next couple days before I start my new job next week and seeing just what I can do if I give it to God, and to really be motivated and organized instead of lazy and unmotivated. Anywho, that is my rant for the night.

Love, Kim  ❤


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