Daily Update 3/24/17

Hello World! I know I have been absent the last couple days (not that it matters that much since no one actually looks at my blog lol) and it has mainly because I have been a combination of busy and lazy. I have had a lot of homework that I didn’t realize that I was going to have over spring break, so I have been playing catch up on that. I still have a lot to do but at least now it is a little more manageable.

So today I really didn’t do much.  I woke up very tired because I really have not been sleeping well due to the couch. I am looking forward to going back to school tomorrow so I will be able to sleep in my own bed. Yay!

I had plans today to meet up with my friend Branden who I really haven’t seen since school started because schedules are crazy and that doesn’t help when we go to two different colleges. He was one of my best friends senior year, so it was good to catch up with him. We ran a few errands and then got pizza at the pizza press. Then it was back home.

When I got home from that I had two options, work on my 10 page research paper that is due on Tuesday or take a nap. I think that you can guess which one I chose. I was exhausted so a 30 minute nap turned into two hours. Due to that, I also lost all motivation to get any homework done. I was distracted and unmotivated. I was able to get about 2 pages done on my work, but Dexter took over.

Time for a bit of a rant. So I finished Dexter today, and I was not happy about the ending. Sorry if I spoil anything for anyone who is reading this and is currently watching the show (which I highly recommend because it is a great show and totally worth it), but what kind of ending is him faking his death and leaving behind a great girlfriend and a 6 year old son to start over as a lumberjack. They could have ended it so much better than that. They could have had Dexter meet up with Hannah and Harrison in Argentina and all could have been well, but they couldn’t just do that. I don’t know why but endings like that are just the worst. Maybe its just because I cannot stand ending a show knowing that there is no more to the story. I don’t like endings whether that is in real life or in fiction so that’s probably it. Okay I’m done now lol.

One Dexter was finished and I got a little of my homework stuff done, I needed to get a few things from Target, so my mom and I went to do that. I would have loved to go by myself, but since I wasn’t home for that long, my mom didn’t put me back on the car insurance due to the fact that I don’t have a car on campus. Anywho…I picked some things I needed up at Target since I am going back home tomorrow and my mom offered to get those things for me.

I got home after that, and my neighbors wanted to catch up. They have been like family to me ever since I was little and they don’t see me much anymore since I have been away at school. It was really nice seeing them, catching up, and meeting some of the family they have in town.

Now I have just been hanging out on the couch, watching some youtube (Chronicilly Jacque has been the vlog I have been watching lately. It is really interesting seeing how she lives with her different illnesses, but also just seeing another life and how she goes about her day. Idk maybe I just like seeing how other peoples lives are different from mine) and typing up this blog post.

I have been thinking a lot about how I want to proceed with this blog since I don’t have that many people who actually read it and it really is just a mishmash of a million different things. I like doing the daily updates and telling people about my life because I think it is interesting leaning about others, so I figured maybe other people out there would enjoy hearing about my life and the things I am interested in. For anyone who does actually follow this blog, I know that this was up until about a week ago, just for my Disney obsession, and I was thinking about maybe just going back to that. I am just unsure of things right now. I wish I had a lot more time to explore exactly what I want to do with this blog in the future and I’m hoping pretty soon I will get that chance. I was contimplating a few things. I was thinking maybe starting a blog with my roommate emily or even starting to do a daily blog like I have seen so many other people do. Maybe I will even change my inside the mind instagram account over to a public about my life kind of thing to go along with the blog.  I don’t know what to do.

I would really love to get some input into this, but I really don’t know if anyone actually cares to read this ( actually I do and they don’t because no one has actually visited the site since monday) Is what I am doing actually worth it? Is any of my social media actually worth it? These are the questions that have bee swirling through my mind lately.

Mind tangent….I stopped for a few minutes to give my dog, Blackjack his medicine because he has an ear infection and he just bit me. It really hurt and it kind of pissed me off and put me in a bad mood. Grrrr.

Anywho, I am going to put up an instagram post on my inside the mind account to ask you guys your opinion on things and direct you guys here.  That is it for tonight. Good night everybody.

Love, Kim

Beauty and The Beast Review

So like I promised, I am going to review Beauty and The Beast!!

The other night, I went with my boyfriend, Brett, to see Beauty and the Beast for our 6 month anniversay. Going into it, I was excited, but I wasn’t sure exactly what it was going to be like since I had heard so many mixed reactions towards it.

My overall opinion of it was that I really enjoyed it. If you put all the little critical things aside it was a pretty good movie. My only thing is that if they had taken more time instead of rushing a release they could have done a better job with it.

I felt at time that Disney could have done a better job with the effects. There were a lot of times when I could tell that the actors and actresses were behind a green screen in a studio. Most of the time this wouldn’t bug me, but the one scene where Belle runs to the top of the hill during her opening number was really hard to watch without seeing that she wasn’t actually outside. I felt this took away from the magic of the movie.

Additionally, there were several camera angles that made me uncomfortable and a little dizzy. Spinning the camera at the rate that they did with not having the camera in focus, hurt my eyes.

Despite the few cinematography errors, the movie itself was true to the original story. Emma Watson was really good in the part and I was overall satisfied with the film. I could say differently about Brett who nitpicked every little small detail that wasn’t right in his mind lol. I think I may give it an 8/10.

Anywho, hope you enjoyed my review. I know its not that much in depth, but it is the movie from the mind of me with my opinions.

-Love, Kim

Daily Update 3/21/17

Hello everyone! Today has been a good day…correction…an amazing day! It was long and I was tired but it was still amazing for several reasons.

So my day started out waking up early because my mom wanted me to go with her to do errands and to go shopping for clothes for me. I was not really in the mood for it because I didn’t sleep well the night before (Fold out couch beds are not comfortable and they squeak) We went but I didn’t last long and by 1pm we we were back home and I was able to take a nap.

I was awoken from my nap at around 2 with a phone call from my boyfriend, Brett, saying that he was on his way to my house. Today was our 6 month anniversary! We had plans for the evening and I excitedly got ready for that following hanging up the phone.

About 10 minutes before Brett arrived, I received another phone call. You guys remember how I was saying that I filled out some job applications yesterday? Well guess what?!? I was called by Starbucks for an interview tomorrow!!! So once again pray for me that things go smoothly with that and that I am able to show them that I will be good for the position.

Brett and I went to Islands for dinner. I had been craving their Hawaiian burger for a while now so that was a nice treat. Afterwards, we went and saw Beauty and the Beast. I am sure that you guys are eager to hear my opinions on it, considering everything that has been in the media about it. And you will be hearing about that, but it will be my breakdown of it in a separate blog post that I will be writing tomorrow because I am exhausted right now.

I want to be well rested for my interview tomorrow, so this is where I leave you. Updates to the blog are soon to  come and updates tomorrow on the interview and the rest of my day will also come tomorrow! Have a great night everyone!!

Love, Kim

Daily Update 3/20/17

Hey guys! Today was at least a little more exciting than yesterday, but not by much. My life is actually very predictable when it comes to what I do in my downtime. But anywho…thats another tangent.

I woke up this morning actually by accident. I rolled over on the couch, and I hit my arm hard on the side table that was next to me. I think it may bruise and it really hurt lol. I woke up got ready, and then I actually left the house! My friend Sara invited me to get coffee at Starbucks and catch up where I had iced caramel macchiatto one of the day.

After returning home, it was once again Dexter for a couple hours. Then about and hour before I went back out (yes, I Kim, left the house more than once. Shocker!!), I got a text from my boyfriend informing me that he wants to stay at home for a couple extra days to finish some things up, and since he is my ride back to campus, it means I am on the couch for an extra couple of days! yay she says sarcastically! (I guess I cannot complain that much because at least Brett is still coming tomorrow so we can still celebrate our 6 month anniversary).

So…I go to the magical store known at Target with my mom to pick up a couple things, to Selma’s (one of my favorite pizza/pasta places) to pick up dinner, then back home. I eat quickly because I went out once again to, you guessed it: Starbucks for the second caramel macchiatto of the day with my best friends Sarah and Branden.

I always love coming home because that means I get to spend time with Sarah aka my clone/best friend/ long lost sister/ disgeek and her boyfriend and my other best friend, Branden. We always have stuff to talk about and they both relate to me very well. Sarah and I, being the same person, always are on the same wave length on everything, so it is really great knowing that whatever I talk with her about, that she will back me up 100% and support me no matter what.

One of our conversations tonight though really made me feel life hard. She mentioned that one of the girls we went to high school with got married a couple weeks ago and that a lot of people we know are getting engaged, married, having children, moving out, and it was freaking us out knowing that we are at an age where things like that will happen. The both of us will both be turning 20 this year…we aren’t little kids anymore. We are in college, getting jobs, are in somewhat serious relationships, and it is mind blowing that we are actually adults.

Mind tangent from that rant: I actually didn’t just watch Dexter today, but I also applied for 2 jobs! I applied for Target and Starbucks for this summer. Pray for me that I actually will get a job this summer! Now…back to your regularly scheduled daily update.

Since I got home, I’ve been helping my mom do somethings with her computer, and now I am sitting on the couch/ my bed until Saturday watching Dexter and typing this update.

So I know that I had mentioned yesterday that I would have my park history series starting up today or tomorrow, but due to the fact that I left all my park history books at home and I want to do these posts the right way, the posts will have to wait until I can get my books on Wednesday. I will do a different series that I will start tomorrow about my faith. I am really excited about doing it because my faith has become a very important part of me the last couple months. So stay tuned for that and be patient because the Disney stuff will be coming soon.

Have a good night everyone! Will talk to you tomorrow

Love, Kim ❤

Daily Update 3/19/17

Hello everybody!

I made it home! It has finally sunk in that it is Spring Break! Although my break will be uneventful, it will still be a good time to relax and not think about school work for awhile!

So my day started out as it normally would: get up, get ready, make my to do list (something that helps to keep my mind organized throughout my day). Then Brett and I loaded up and headed home!

When I got home, I found that not much had changed. My brother, Jeffrey is still his unique self, the house was exactly the way it was left when I started break, and the rest of my family (my mom, and grandparents) were treating me as if I had never left.

Some habits, as I found out, also did not change. As soon as I was settled back in (on the couch I might add because I currently live there since my grandparents moved into my room back in October) we went to lunch at one of grandparent’s favorite places: The International House of Pancakes! That also hadn’t changed since the last time I was there lol: The same old semi okay tasting food.

The rest of my day included working on my family’s various electronic devices since they don’t do very well with technology, and once more, watching unhealthy amounts of Dexter. (Currently on season 7 episode 2!)

Sure my life may not seem that exciting from the last couple of days of blogs, but I hope you enjoy the quick daily updates as it gives you a glimpse into my life, into the everyday life and mind of a disgeek when she isn’t at Disney and thinking about Disney or the parks.

Speaking of the parks, I was going to start up today my series of blog posts on Disneyland history, but I ran out of time to do things, and it didnt’t happen. I was going to start with Pirates of the Caribbean considering yesterday was the 50th anniversary of the beloved attraction. I will attempt to maybe get that up sometime tomorrow if I am lucky if not on Tuesday. Once I get into it though, they will hopefully come every other day. I also have some other cool Disney and non Disney stuff planned for the blog besides these boring updates on my life lol.

Anywho…hope you enjoyed learning about my day, and keep coming back because there is going to be a lot more fun stuff coming up! Have a good night everyone!

Love, Kim ❤

Daily Update 3/18/17

Hello everyone!

So I am starting up a daily life update from the mind of me! So yeah! Anywho….

Today has been pretty uneventful. Since it is the beginning of spring break, both my roommates aren’t here. They both left yesterday, so I have had the apartment to myself. I only left the room once, to get lunch with my boyfriend, Brett. Besides that I have been lying in bed watching Dexter (my current Netflix addiction) and Youtube. I thought about maybe getting caught up on some of my classwork, but instead, I decided to just relax.

I get to go home tomorrow! I am kind of excited because it will be good to see everyone, but I know that after a few days with my family, I will be ready to come back to CBU.

That’s really it for today so yeah! I hope that you guys (whoever you are) enjoy reading my daily updates! I will be updating the site with other cool things such as Disneyland history updates, recipes, and other rants of the mind of Kim.

Love, Kim

PS. The featured image for this post is a picture I took about a month ago while wandering the campus with my fried Courtney. Photography=another part of the life of Kim

Life Update

The last couple month’s this blog and my instagram account have fallen to the end of my priority list. I love doing it but, I have been so busy and have so many other things on my mind to take the time to care about the blog and the instagram account. It has made me realize that there are more things in my life than just Disney and Disneyland, so I want to share all aspects of my life with you guys. And it starts here right now. I know that this blog up to this point has just been for Disney, but I am transitioning it over to everything. I am still a dis geek and this is a look inside my mind!

So, new introductions are in order! Hi, My name is Kim! Its nice to meet you. Disney has always been something that was important in my life, and it continues to be so. I have so many other interests and passions in my life besides Disney.

Six months ago, I started college at California Baptist University. Since that point I have made so many new friends, met my amazing boyfriend, and have grown so much in my love for Christ. So, that’s another important aspect of my life, is my realtionship with God. This too will be integrated into this account as well.

Here at college, I am a graphic design major. Yet another one of my loves in life. That part of me too, will be integrated in. The list goes on and on of things I am interested in and love. And this is my place to share it all with you. I am so beyond excited to welcome you guys inside my mind and I hope that you continue to follow the blog and be just as excited about my life as I am. And if not, then it doesn’t matter what you think because this is my life and I am going to live it doing what I love.

-Love, Kim ❤

Cars 3 Trailer

Yesterday, the trailer for Car’s 3 was released by Pixar. Before this point we really had no idea what the plot for Car’s 3 was going to be like, and even after this point there still is a lot of mystery behind it. We see some newer cars behind Lightning Mcqueen, and then he is hit and flips over and gets destroyed. With the mood set, it makes it seem like it may be a career ending injury for Mcqueen, but there is a vagueness that leaves us wondering. Then the phrase: From this moment everything will change.  I guess we will just have to see as more trailers and information are released leading up to the summer release. What are your thoughts on the trailer?


-Kim ❤

Figuring out somethings

Hey friends!  I have been gone for such a long time. With the busyness of the end of senior year, graduating high school, and starting college, I haven’t had much time to post anything both on here and on my instagram accounts. Something I read a while back was that it is important to make time in our lives for the things we love. Sure I have a lot I have been balancing lately with school work, friends, a realtionship, family, my faith, and my health, but without the things that I love such this blog, my personal blog and the instagram accounts, life isn’t as magical.  So I am going to do my best to push through and attemp make time for everything I love doing!

Movie of the Week: Big Hero 6


This week’s movie of the week is Big Hero 6! This movie has to be in my top 5 Disney movies and since my friend Calen said it was his favorite Disney movie, we decided to get together and watch it.

Even though I have seen this movie multiple times (including that one time with my friends Tiana and Celina on my 17th birthday), I enjoyed it just as much watching it again! There is something about the characters that grab your attention and pull you in. Me, like probably everyone else who has seen this movie, I loved Baymax from the first time I saw him! How could you not love a giant marshmallow looking robot?!?!?

Now one of my favorite things to look for in Disney movies are the easter eggs. I think it is so cool that Disney includes references to other Disney movies and or other pop culture. Here are a few that I found:

Wanted: Hans 
Hans getting what he deserves lol 
Theres a cybug on the shelf 

Now I know for a fact that there are others hidden throughout the movie, so if you are reading this then comment below any that I missed c: Have a magical Tuesday!!